Paddy Plates

Hand-built Sushi Plates

Rice is the most important food crop in the world and plays a big part in the film seven Samurai. In the film rice is given a high value as it is what the farmers use to pay the samurais, with out this they would have lost their crops.

The paddy plates are a set of seven plates that are designed around the organic form of the rice paddies in Japan that the farmers would have been using to grow their crop.

The set is hand-built form white porcelain stoneware and has been glazed white to let the rice take centre stage on the dishes.

The plates would be used for sushi by the user with the centre circle of the plate designed for the sushi and the outer trenches used for soy sauce and wasabi to accompany this. The smaller plate is designed for the pickled ginger that is traditionally eaten with sushi.