Porcelain slip-cast pendant lights

This project was designed around a brief set by Project Plan B, a textile recycling company based in Plymouth.

The 100% recyclable pendant lights depict action through their use of materials and visual elements. When the rPet light is illuminated, textile patterns imprinted in the design will appear which will create a reminder of the importance of material use in products.

The range of pendant lights are designed to be injection molded with rPet, a waste product from Project Plan B and hand finished with rPet fabrics.

The first light in the range was designed around the closed loop design values all companies should try and follow. A closed loop way of designing (Produce, use, recycle back into production) is the most sustainable way we can design.

The second light was based around the waste we produce every year in the textile industry. Presenting the material in two forms to the customer provides a clear example of how much life is still left in the material. 90% of the 40 million work wear garments provided to wearers each year end up in landfill so something clearly needs to change.

For the third light was all about the power of the materials. The 3 lights can be made from just one 100% rPet t-shirt that is recycled.